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  • This community is for the discussion of shamanism and shamanistic practices, from both an anthropological and mystical point of view. If you feel your topic relates to shamanism, you're welcome to post here; however, there are plenty of other communities for discussions of paganism, witchcraft, wicca, etc. where non-shamanism topics would be more appropriate.

  • Please do not post topics in this community with comments disabled. Any such post will be deleted; repeat offenses will result in banning.

  • Please do not delete any comments that you yourself did not post. If you have a problem with someone being abusive, spamming, or posting things that are completely off topic in your post, please contact a moderator and we'll deal with it.

  • Please place long amounts of text or large images behind an lj-cut. (This does not mean that all posts should be cut, simply that anything over a couple of paragraphs should be.) If you don't know how to do this, check the LJ FAQ page.

  • Also, please be courteous. Shamanism spans a wide range of cultures, some of which have been treated very poorly in past; some early works on the subject may come across as quite racist to our modern sensibilites, and as such should be taken in context to the time and place where they were originally expressed. However, deliberate hate-mongering, intolerance and racism will not be permitted here and will result in banning.

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